About Us

A photo of members of Bike South Brooklyn posing in front of the Verrazzano Bridge

Who We Are

Bike South Brooklyn is a grassroots group of cyclists and street safety advocates who live and work across Southern Brooklyn. Formed in 2018, we have successfully fought for improved cycling infrastructure and bike lanes across the borough.

Our Membership

We have a free, ad-hoc open membership consisting of cyclists and bicycle-curious folks of all ages, races, and genders. Our members live or work in Southern Brooklyn, stretching from Bay Ridge to Sheepshead Bay.

What We Do

Bike South Brooklyn is an all-volunteer grassroots advocacy group with the goal of expanding and improving cycling infrastructure across Southern Brooklyn, and push back against misconceptions that lead to unsafe streets. We organize bike-friendly folks with the common goal of breaking car over-dependency in our neighborhoods. Our advocacy team helps facilitate and coordinate responses to city agencies, community boards, and local politicians in order to expedite safe, eco-friendly, and equitable spaces for all road users. We also help organize social bike rides to build awareness and encourage cyclists to explore and enjoy Southern Brooklyn.

Bike South Brooklyn' press event announcing their Verrazzano Summer Streets proposal

Media Contact

For press inquiries, please contact

John Tomac, President, Bike South Brooklyn

In the news

Bike South Brooklyn is often at the forefront in advocating for new cycling infrastructure and safety measures across Southern Brooklyn. Here are a few articles we have been quoted in lately: