South Brooklyn Bike Map

Map Key
Green Routes: Class I Protected Bike Lanes
Dashed Green Routes: “Class I” lanes according to the city… but they are on a pedestrian walkway so does it count?
Blue Routes: Class II On-Street Bike Lanes
Purple Routes: Class III “Sharrows” (In other words, not actual bike lanes)
Red Routes: You’re supposed to walk your bike here, but that’s only because the rules are dumb. Otherwise they’re usable as shared bike/ped lanes.
Dashed Yellow Routes: Unusable routes, usually due to long-term construction nearby
*Note: We do not show Class IV “signed” routes on this map because they’re dumb and everyone knows it

Disclaimer: This bike map has been hand-made by our members to reflect the most up-to-date conditions for bike paths in South Brooklyn. We have reclassified, added, and changed some routes from their official DOT versions when we felt they didn’t properly reflect on-the-ground conditions. If you have an update, please let us know on social media!